One of the projects that I have been working on is migrating an old SQL Server to SQL Server 2014. When I say old I'm talking SQL Server 2000. Does anyone remember DTS packages? Yeah, we got 'em here. Part of the conversion is to use SSIS to do the data transformations that the DTS packages did.

 It seems that lately I've been doing more database work. I'm not a database guru in any sense but the need for data requires me to dive right in. At times it can be interesting especially when using services like SSIS. The request was pretty simple.

 System tables or also known as the system catalog, contain information about all the objects, data types, constraints, configuration options, and resources available to SQL Server. Each database has a system catalog and the structure of the database is defined by this catalog.

This is one of those errors that can really frustrate you. The error looks something like this:

I was recently asked to create a CSV file of client emails listed in a single column. The purpose was to make sure that when clients emailed the company, they wouldn't be seen as spam. The third party spam detector required it to be in this format.

Part of a project I was working on recently required me to convert a delimited string of Id's passed in a parameter of a URL. A string of comma delimited Names that were associated with the Id's would be returned on a form. The data was being retrieved from a SQL Server database.