Microsoft Makes a Big Push With Azure Tour - Philadelphia

I had the opportunity to attend the Microsoft Azure Tour at the Philadelphia Convention Center on October 13th. This technical training event was geared to the developer and IT professional. They had several sessions throughout the day covering various aspects of the Azure platform. Topics included big data, networking, open source management, and devops. Scott Guthrie, an Executive Vice President of the Cloud and Enterprise group, was the keynote speaker in the morning. Scott also runs the Azure team.

Below, is the agenda for the day:program 

What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud based computing platform and infrastructure which is used to deploy, build, and  manage services and applications through a global network. It supports many languages and frameworks that are Microsoft specific and not. It also provides Infrastructure as a service(IaaS) and Platform as a service(PaaS). It's main competitors are Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. 

The Event 

I attended the morning session and it began with registration and a continental breakfast. Scott Guthrie was the featured speaker and gave a high overview of the cloud and how Microsoft's products can help you. The talk overran about 30 minutes which pushed everything else back a little. 

I sat in on two of the day's sessions. The first session, Build and deploy applications using Microsoft Azure, gave an overview to help you understand Azure and the presenter went through some of the components a developer has available.

The second session, Build Hyperscale open source apps, focused on what could be done with non-Microsoft products and frameworks. Some of the open source products supported are Docker, Drupal, Hadoop, Linux, PHP, Ruby, Chef, to name a few.

They also had all day immersion sessions that gave you hands on experience working with Azure. 


Build Hyperscale Open Source Apps session 

Overall, I thought Microsoft did a good job of presenting Azure to the IT community. Many of the people there, myself included, had little or no experience with cloud development so these sessions were a good way to expose them to what is possible. If you happen to be in one of the cities that the tour is coming to I would recommend going. It is free and they do feed you. If you want more info, you can click here to go to the Azure site.

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