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May 2015

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Philly Tech Week celebrated it's 5th anniversary this year. I had the opportunity to attend Dev Day which included workshops on popular programming languages in the morning session and talks that focused on problem solving and innovative solutions in the afternoon.

Internet Explorer 11 Compatibility Mode is an attempt to fix a broken standards-based website, by getting the page to appear like it did in Internet Explorer 7. The company I work for has some older apps that didn't work properly in IE 11 so they pushed out compatibility mode to everyone.

The Broad Street 10 Mile Run is the largest 10 miler in the country. On May 3rd I ran it for the first time with over 40,000 of my friends. I've run 5k races and 5 mile races but this was much further than I was used to. Races like this take a little more work to get ready for it.

At the end of April, I attended the annual "Cherry/White" game at Temple University. This is the annual spring game the football team has where the White team is the offense and the Cherry team is the defense.

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